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BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc Mission Statement

Thank you for being a part of our mission to change Dentistry!

MLS Laser Therapy
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MLS Testimonials VIDEO - Dental Diode Cold Treatment Laser See the New Dental Pain Treatment Laser. The MLS Mphi and Mphi5 Systems are a Diode Patented MLS Technology that is ideal for Pain, Inflammation, and edema. Used for surgery, TMD/TMJ Treatment, craniofacial and orofacial pain, orthodontics, and more!

MLS Multiwave Locked System

The limit of traditional laser therapy to date invalicalibile was represented by the inability to effectively combine the effect analgesic, its pulsed emissions, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema with the effect of their continued emissions. Today the MLS Laser Therapy can overcome this limitation by using a pulse of new and advanced design which consists of unemissione more coordinated and synchronized laser emission, characterized by different wavelengths and different emission modes.

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JVA Basic explanation

Brief JVA description (slides available upon request email [email protected])

Dr. Rob Colt on Joint Vibration Analysis

Dr. Rob Colt of Augusta Family Dentistry discusses how his practice incorporates biometric diagnostics into their general dental practice. He explains how the addition of JVA improves the predictability and profitability of his practice. He also incorporates the Full BioPAK (JVA, EMG, Jaw Tracking and T-Scan III) after using JVA as a screening tool to triage his patient population.

This video was sent to us unsolicited by Dr. Colt and Medical News Network Thanks!

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Normal Skull View of Chewing with JT3D Jaw Tracker from BioRESEARCH 3D skull view of mastication using the JT3D. Also see more at

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