AACP MINI-SYMPOSIUM: The DEKA Laser and BioPAK Data Acquisition

BioRESEARCH Headquarters, Milwaukee, WI

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The DEKA Laser and BioPAK Data Acquisition Mini-Symposium

October 13-14, 2023 at the BioRESEARCH Headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.


What to Expect:

Lasers are commonly used in medical dental practices today. They can improve treatment outcomes, make your workflow more efficient and increase your business profitability. Understanding the science behind the technology is essential in providing better outcomes. The purpose of this course is to cut through the marketing and learn why the research behind the DEKA lasers make it a world leader in laser technology.

This course will review treatment that can be done with a laser including: using fractional laser therapy for snoring and airway challenged patients; surgical applications like frenectomies and tongue ties; periodontal applications both surgical and non-surgical; and TMD regenerative procedures.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand why chromophore is everything in lasers
  2. Understand why wavelength, power and pulse matter
  3. Discuss available options for treating sleep challenges
  4. Learn proper diagnosis and therapy for tongue ties
  5. Learn the difference between LLLT and HILT
  6. Understand how to setup for and collect accurate electro-diagnostics using the BioPak to enhance your diagnostic process in the daily dental practice, and efficiently collect data that can improve your treatment outcomes.

Dr. Scott Parker,  DEKA Dental Laser

Dr. Cynthia Wiggins,  Alpha Omega Dental Center

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