Product announcement for bioemg III

The EMG snap electrodes should not be used for the Ground/Reference electrode.  We recommend the use of  our 7022 ground electrodes.


Failure to use the proper electrode for the ground/reference electrode can in some rare cases result in skin irritation at the site of the ground/reference electrode.  Use of the proper ground/reference electrode will protect the patient in the event of a component malfunction due to electrostatic discharge.


We do not believe the EMG III poses any significant threat to the health and safety of you, your patients or team, but proper use of the 7022 electrode as your ground/reference must be adhered to.


In 2 instances an electrostatic discharge caused a component to fail, the correct ground electrode was not used, the patient was attached to the BioEMG III for an hour or more and skin irritation occurred.


If your patient experiences any of the following during testing: a tingling sensation or warmth at any electrode site, or any skin irritation, discontinue use immediately and call BioRESEARCH at

+1 (414) 357-7525.


Questions regarding this Product Safety Notice can be directed to [email protected] or by calling the number above.


BioRESEARCH Quality Team

Click Here for the Guide To Protect Your BioEMG III From ElectroStatic Discharge.