Dr. Patrick Girouard

Sportsguard, one way to keep your teeth in a fight…And kick some… Athletic performance enhanced!

Mouthguard, that word evocates the iconic vision of a boxer in his corner clenching ready for a fight, the running back in football preparing to plow through a defensive line or the hockey player chewing on it waiting for the puck to drop before he drops his gloves… The dental profession has dedicated years of research in these pieces of synthetic material, now part of athletic equipment, mostly to afford a protective layer for the pearly whites of the athletes… But there is more to a sportguards! Its insertion between the teeth creates a major change in the dental occlusion. This new jaw position has a tremendous impact on the whole body and it can impact the performance of the athlete biting on it. This workshop will present a practical view of the latest research data combined with a demonstration of the custom fabrication of the mouthguard that will enable the participants to provide this service to his athletes in his own clinical setting.