These courses are sponsored by BioRESEARCH. We do compensate our speakers for their time.

We recommend taking these in order if possible. If you are beginning to understand biometrics and want to first understand how to fit this process into your practice in a way that is profitable and scaleable, it's best to take BIOMETRIC DIAGNOSTICES IN DENTISTRY first. When you are interested in advanced data driven methodologies for treatment Diagnostically Driven TMD is the best course for you.


Biometric Diagnostics In Dentistry - Dr. Ray M. Becker, DDS, FAGD

Total BioPAK Interpretation

Review of anatomy and physiology of the stomatognathic system. JVA, Jaw Tracking, Surface EMG, and T-Scan

Tuition $1295 - 16 CREDIT HOURS AGD


Practical and Profitable TMD - Dr. Michael A. Smith, DMD

(Teeth, Muscles, and Joints) for the General Dentist

Course Objectives: Implementing JVA, T-SCAN, LASER THERAPY

Tuition $1295 - 16 CREDIT HOURS AGD