C4 Blow Up Your Practice - Scheduling Institute and BioRESEARCH

Communication, Compensation, Core, and Construction

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C4 Blow Up Your Practice with Ray Becker

Join us for the ultimate dental course, C4 – a two-day event designed to transform your dental practice with powerful and proven strategies. C4 focuses on the four Cs: Communication, Compensation, Core, and Construction. Discover how to enhance your practice's efficiency and profitability in a concise and actionable format.

Course Objective:
C4 aims to provide dentists from diverse backgrounds with simplified yet highly effective content and strategies to immediately elevate the effectiveness of their practices.

Course Design: 2 Day Course
Day One Course Agenda

Dr. Ray Becker: Correctly Communicating Complex Care

  • Time Management
  • Delegation and Duplication
  • Review Process of 'Discovery' Forms
  • Communication Strategies for Increased Conversion Rates

Dr. Rob Thorup: Correctly Coding for Complete Compensation

  • Legal and Proper Coding Strategies
  • Delegation and Duplication for Team Approach
  • Presentation of Accurate Insurance and Financial Information

Jay Geier: Core Concepts Creating Competency

  • Money Management
  • Delegation and Duplication
  • Culture Creation
  • Simplifying Complex Concepts

Dr. David Ahearn: Correct Construction for Comfortable Compensation

  • Design and Ergonomic Flow Considerations
  • Delegation and Duplication for Team Delivery

Day Two Course Agenda

Dr. Ray Becker

  • Hands-On Demonstration
  • DPAS Appliance Design
  • TMD Discovery Form Workflow with JVA Quick
  • Q & A Session
  • Workstation Breakout Sessions
  • Engage with Sponsors and Vendors
  • Special Offers and Course-Related Products

Date & Time
April 5, 2024
Start - 10:00 AM
April 6, 2024
End - 6:00 PM CST6CDT

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